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Cesar Millan, Noa, Craig and Evita

Cesar Millan's Personal Instruction

In the previous blog post it was announced that you could see Noa in the new tv-show of Cesar Millan: Leader of the Pack in the episode 'Once bitten'. After shooting all day Cesar took the extra time and effort to explain to us how he handles Noa's aggression towards dogs. He gave us the chance and permission to film it so we could examine and learn from it.

Portrait of Noa

Mental Exercise Toy: Dog Activity Poker box - Trixie

An intelligence game to mentally stimulate dogs. Is your dog up to the challange to learn how to open drawers?

Portrait of Noa with back pack on

Lure Racing and Tracking Wild Boar

Read how Noa handled herself among 50 dogs, if she is able to sniff out the scent of wild boar and whether she liked lure racing.

A cheese beef pie with tomatoes on top.

Recipe: Cheese Beef Pie For Dogs

Are you looking for a birthday pie to satisfy the taste buds of your beloved canine companion? Here it is!

Portrait of Noa

K9 Sign Language Lesson 2: "That is", "Leash", "Toy".

Curious if a dog can learn sign language? Find out by following this series!

Portrait of Noa

Reasons to start tracking with your dog

For your convenience I made a ist of reasons to start tracking with your dog. Read all seven!

Noa unwrapping her present

Noa dog's 9th Birthday!

The movie shows Noa and her treasure box with hidden presents for her to unwrap. Happy Birthday Noa!